”You need hot section components for Your turbines…

…we have energy to machine them”




As a specialist in Superalloys Machining, Milgred is one of the leading companies to offer you a complete range of high-tech machining operations to enable to produce finished Blades and Vanes and other hot gas path related components.
Milgred has the most advanced technologies for machining full Blades & Vanes to the highest level of quality in accordance to your specifications for the satisfaction of your customers.

MILGRED which stand for :
> MIL (MILling),
> GR (creep feed GRinding),
> ED (EDm / Electrical Discharge machining and EcD / Electro Chemical Drilling)


MILGRED now has considerable experience in these domains of very high technology in order to serve our customers in the best possible way.
To date, MILGRED established itself in the area of blades and vanes gas turbine OEM's with different partners.

We have the knowledge and skills to machine hot section components like Blades & Vanes for land-vased gas turbine. All the following technologies are under one roof in Belfort :

• Creep Feed Grinding
• Electrical Discharge Machining
• Fast Hole Drilling 5 axis
• Milling 3 & 4 & 5 axis
• Stem-Drilling (ECD Deep-hole Drilling)
• TIG Welding
• Deburring, Benching, Handworks

• Inspection equipment like :
> FPI Line
> Ferric Etch
> CMM Units
> Profile projectors
> Moment Weight
> Air Flow Test
> Ultra Sonic Equipment
> Frequency Test

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“You need Hot Section Components for your Turbines... We have Energy to machine them.”